About Me & Contact

On my side of the screen we have a twenty-something linguist and polyglot-in-training with too much to say and too little time. I absolutely adore studying language. Particular areas of interest and (ever-growing) expertise are diachronic and synchronic graphemics with a bit of graphetics; historical and comparative linguistics; comparative phonology; glottochronology. Then there’s also my love for and interest towards the logic and philosophy of language, on which topics I have absolutely no formal training, but which certainly doesn’t stop me from airing my views.

However, to maintain a reasonable level of sanity, since linguistics is what I study all day, most of the posts are on something completely different, just to give me the chance of talking about other aspects of my life. Expect posts on literature and music, theology and philosophy and modern culture. Brace yourselves for all sorts of political opinions on topics I know very little about.

Based in Glasgow UK, but I seem to be all over the place.

I love getting comments so comment away on my posts! Or if you feel like it, send me email in righterthanrainblog@gmail.com. Comments, complaints, concerns, compliments. All is welcome.

8 thoughts on “About Me & Contact

    1. so sorry, i’ve been on a study break – lovely to come back to great feedback! will keep on posting, thanks for following :)


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